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India is rapidly growing into an influential global powerhouse today, standing on the precipice of purposefully taking command of this new identity, while becoming one of the new founding pillars developing the New Global Operating System.

Our efforts here will be focused on showcasing how the development of the new global economy itself, mirrors the long colorful history of "Global Indian Trade" throughout human history. We will also spotlight how India once starred as the center of world affairs as a major supply "Source" of many of the goods that flowed across the world. India has always been an important provider of value to the world at large. We will use this platform to showcase the importance of India as the purveyor of the originating "Source Code" of "Human Commerce", the natural "Enrichment of Each Other, the People".

Trade of all sorts has been used throughout human history to advance human development and India has played a major role in this process of human progression since the beginning of time. With the world moving rapidly into the 21st Century, India now finds itself in the position to once again Rise Append assume a position of power and prestige in the world that reflects it's natural "Heritage Value"as a true contributorin being a "Global Provider" of substance, merit and meaning.
We are building this network to add value to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Make In India Campaign
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Modi's 'Make In India' Is Attracting Investment
Published on Dec 17, 2015
This year India's international trade fair themed highlights the success of "Make in India" initiative and calls on Indian as well as global companies to manufacture their products in India. The fortnight-long annual trade fair which concludes on Friday has attracted 7000 exhibitors from 28 countries. Most of them are from Africa and Asia.
Better understanding global trade flows
Published on Jan 16, 2013
New analysis from the OECD and WTO breaks with conventional measurement of trade flows to reflect the way businesses increasingly disperse production chains across several countries. By looking at imports and exports in value-added terms, a fuller picture can be built up of international trade and commercial relations between nations.
Globalization I - The Upside: Crash Course World History
Published on Nov 2, 2012
In which John Green teaches you about globalization, a subject so epic, so global, it requires two videos. In this video, John follows the surprisingly complex path of t-shirt as it criss-crosses the world before coming to rest on your doorstep, and eventually in your dresser. (Unless you're one of those people who never put their laundry away and live out of a laundry basket. If that's the case, shame on you.)
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The GIT Concept
Our New Tools & Techniques Of Trade
Conversations of Commerce
  • Check out our personal stories from the Captains of Industry and listen to all of your Commercial Cohorts sharing their wisdom surrounding the many challenges facing traders within today's New Global Operating System.
  • We will be interviewing and curating the exceptional expertise surrounding all aspects of Global Indian Trade. We will be placing an important commercial spotlight on all the key players within all segments that service this very broad and robust sector.
  • This specially designed platform for direct communication amongst the members of this unique working group will act as an inter-active resource bank for nurturing the growth of Global Indian Trade.
Mirroring "Make In India"
  • We seek to Mirror the many broad-based benefits that the government is bringing to life through MakeInIndia.com, Exports, Imports, Policy and Transportation. We will engage this process through the operating pillars in the realms of Culture, Community and Commerce that represent Global Indian Trade in today's world.
  • And now with the Indian Government effort with MakeInIndia.com showcasing to the world at large, which sectors of the economy they want to focus on now, we intend to bring more meaningful and productive 'conversation' to these various sectors.
Merchants Marketplace
  • We will also be providing a "Global Indian Trade" marketplace, a real-time functional presentation of the many various products and services available through Global Indian Trade. This platform will have an "Ad Network" backbone, to bring to life the various "Messaging Campaigns" of the entities involved.
  • We seek to open up the process of engaging and participating in Global Indian Trade to many more people around the world. Therefore, we are looking to expand the value proposition for all parties who are currently involved in the activities of Global Indian Trade, as well as for entire spectrum of the Indian diaspora everywhere around the world who will find benefit in participating with such a service.
  • This platform will also act as an ever increasing knowledge base for ALL things related to Global Indian Trade through a responsive portal for engaging in all aspects of Global Indian Trade.
  • We believe we've discovered a new method of offering a "Value-Added" benefit for those involved in Global Indian Trade on all sides who are looking for a "PLAN"
Global Indian Trade History
  • So, we are looking at this particular project's purpose from the lens of how history itself has informed 'Global Commerce'….and therefore, what would be the elements that inspired and thus informed "Global Commerce" in countries like India and how much of that core basic originating process is still in existence, functioning still as the basis for how Global Indian Trade happens today…..so they have to comport to the whole idea of "Historical Significance" as the basis and grow forward from there
  • Everyone we want to engage and speak with, plays an active role in pushing this global economic benefit forward, sharing in how the success does ultimately move the world forward.
  • We will be cooperating in full measure to tell the most detailed story we can about how these trading partners are carrying on their unique "Heritage Value" in today's world. Exploring how they are responding to their own originating Source of Value, still pulsating with providence for the world at large. We want to be giving all of these various players the sense that they themselves are the real active "CHANGEMAKERS" for the New Global Operating System…..
  • We will use a backdrop of the historical path that India has taken to become the potent and meaningful presence they are today. We will also bring to life the significant role India is currently playing in world affairs now through the production of these engaging and informing "Conversations of Commerce" to deliver our "Revitalization Business Tips"
World Indian Trade Network for the following Sectors of the Economy
Space and astronomy
Automobile Components
Defence manufacturing
Ports and Shipping
Textiles and Garments
Electrical Machinery
Media and Entertainment
Thermal Power
Electronic systems
Renewable Energy
Tourism and Hospitality
Food Processing
Oil and Gas
Roads and Highways
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Tips to Revitalize your business People, Process & Place
The Conversations of Commerce questions will be collected and we will deliver the most pertinent "working knowledge" from these that will become "Learning Modules" to be deployed within our Merchant Marketplace.
The ability to keep your people inspired, stimulated and motivated to achieve your company purpose is the number one priority of any business enterprise. We offer specific operational "Tips for People" from all the organizations speaking to us in our "Conversations of Commerce". Learn how the Captains of Commerce deal with the everyday issues that contribute to their success in Global Indian Trade.
The actual protocols used in business determine how well it can adapt to changes in the operating environment. We offer details and plans about "Tips for Process" from all the organizations speaking to us in our "Conversations of Commerce". Join us as we hear what it takes to being ready, willing and able to shift operations to keep your company abreast while staying successful facing the many changes within the fast moving field of in Indian Global Trade.
There is increasing evidence that there are many intangible benefits to creating the most productive space for employees to reach their highest and best potential. We offer details and plans about "Tips for Place" from all the organizations speaking to us in our "Conversations of Commerce". Check out how your Commercial Cohorts in this field deal with this challenging new business issue and what you can do to use this important 'Working Knowledge' to advance and enhance your chances for success within the competitive business environment of Global Indian Trade.
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